2024 YK2HR

Our 12th annual YK2HR is on May 31 – June 2, 2024. It’s 500 kilometers of open road, three awesome days of spinning, 2 nights of camping, camaraderie, great food, fun and amazing wildlife sightings.

Registration fee are as follows:
    Early fee $275 per rider until March 31, 2024
    Regular fee $300 between April 1-30
    Late fee $375 from May 1-15.
Free for riders who have not yet turned 18 at any time during 2024, use discount code 2024UNDER18
Register herehttps://zone4.ca/register.asp?id=35121

IMPORTANT: Absolutely NO refunds after registration. You may transfer your registration if you are able
to find your replacement. To transfer your registration, please send an email to: yk2hrinfo@gmail.com

All Riders must register. A Rider is anyone who cycles any part of the route. If your
partner/spouse/friend/children is/are accompanying you by vehicle, that person does not need to
register and is welcomed to participate fully, and for free, in the non-cycling portion of the Ride.
If you and your spouse/partner share driving and cycling, both must register.

Your registration fee pays for all meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) and snacks for the 3 days EXCEPT
for lunch on Day 1 and Day 3. You bring your own lunch for Day 1. The Ride ends before supper on Day 3.

Ride Information
-Packing List
-Bicycle pump /Patch kite /Spare tubes
-Water bottles
-Sun glasses
-Regular and full finger bike gloves, for the cool mornings
-Chamois butter (for your bike shorts)
-Bandana or Balaclava (keep your ears warm)/Extra gloves or mitts
-Lip Balm/Sun block
-Tent/Sleeping bag/Sleeping foam
-Folding chair – Or stand while you eat
-Personal cutleries, if you wish. NOTE: A plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon are provided during meals.
-Bug dope
-Swim suit – for the Hay River Aquatic Center at end of Ride

Daily Meals
Most of your meals on the Ride are included in your registration fee. All meals are communal – we eat
and clean up together.

Meals for Day 1, Friday
Lunch: Your packed lunch. Only water and juice are available.
Supper: Consist of appetizer, stew, buns, dessert, coffee and tea. Hot water is available until 9 p.m.

Meals for Day 2, Saturday
Breakfast: Consist of oatmeal and a variety of dressings and coffee and tea.
Lunch: You make your own sandwiches during breakfast. Bread, cuts of meat, cheeses and various
spreads will be made available. Juice and hot water will be available during lunch.
Supper: Consist of appetizer, chili, buns, dessert and coffee and tea. Hot water is available until 9 p.m.

Meals for Day 3, Sunday
Breakfast Consist of oatmeal and a variety of dressings and coffee and tea
Lunch: Buy your own lunch at the Enterprise gas station. Only water will be available
Supper: None provided. The Ride ends before supper time

Mandatory Pre Ride Meeting; Gear drop off
Place: Yellowknife Ski Club meeting room
Time: 5.00-5.30 pm. You drop off your camping gear into the trailer at the Ski club parking lot
Time 5.30 -6.30 pm. Present overview of the Ride and safety rules and QA
You must attend the Pre-Ride meeting. Safety is paramount on this Ride. This meeting is our opportunity
to review highway rules and buffalo safety during the Ride.

Highway Safety
A Rider or vehicle must not stop on the highway shoulder unless there is an emergency. A Rider or vehicle should only stop at a designated Rest Stop, a highway pull out or a driveway.

A sweeper vehicle will follow the last rider. The driver of the sweeper vehicle has the authority to pull a slower rider and ferry him/her to the next rest stop.

No Rider should leave a Rest Stop unless they are confident of reaching the next Rest Stop within a reasonable time. A reasonable time is cycling at about 20 km/hour.

Bison Safety

You will encounter bison during your ride. During our past Rides, we are aware of bison and will keep a wary eye on an approaching pack of cyclists and will either ignore the cyclists or stampeded away if surprised. You’re likely to approach the bison without them hearing you on a bike, so you could get too close before they are aware. Slow down and get their attention while still at a distance. Calves are on the ground in June so be very wary of getting between a cow and her calf.

Golden rules when encountering bison

  • When bison is on the pavement or either shoulder or on the slopes of both shoulders – This is No Go. Stop. Wait for a passing vehicle, scream, yell or do whatever it takes to get the bison to move into the ditch.
  • When bison is on the slope of only one shoulder – It is risky to pass. 
  • When bison is the ditch -Generally safe to pass.

Contact Details

Questions? Please contact yk2hrinfo@gmail.com

Emergency contact. Andy Wong at 867 445 8540 or Sara Wong at 867 444 9565.