Frostbite 50 – 2023

The Frostbite 50 is a 50 km continuous snowshoe or classic ski event on ungroomed trails near Yellowknife, NWT. Participate solo or as a team of up to five participants. There are four road-accessible checkpoints, and participants are welcome to have support along the way.

This is an event, not a race, and there are no prizes for first place. We want winter lovers of all abilities to join us, and for everyone to have fun and finish safely.

Happy Trails!

A big thank you to all of the participants of this year’s Frostbite50 event, and to all of our partners, sponsors and volunteers who helped make this event possible. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

As we migrate to this new website, we will be creating a new dedicated section solely for the Frostbite50, which will include all information and also showcase all of our partners and sponsors. We are still in the migration phase and filling out this new website is an ongoing process.

This year’s event coverage was done by Mike Lee, who was also one of this year’s event race coordinators. The event photos are posted below.

Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed this year’s event. I was out on the course for the entire day shooting as many photos and videos as I could, of as many participants as I could. I wish I could have gotten everyone, but the logistics of being a single shooter out on the course made it difficult to be at the front, middle and back of the pack. By the time the race started and everyone was flying down the first hill, I was running to get down onto the lake. It was a fantastic day and I hope you all enjoy these photos from the event. Feel free to download and share these around. My only request is that you leave the watermark logo intact, as it’s relatively small and unobtrusive. Thank you to everyone for supporting one another out on the course and for being such great participants! Thank you!

                                                                                                                                                             – Mike Lee