3/6/12 Ultra


**wE regret to announce that we are going to have to cancel this year's 3/6/12 ULTRA. Unforseen construction issues at the track have made it unsafe for the event. Unfortunately, we do not feel there is another location suitable to host this event in the short timeframe we have to organize the event. We have closed registration and will be reaching out to those that have paid fees. Sincerest apologies for this and thank you for your understanding**

Official Race Rules and Schedule at the bottom of the page

This is your chance to set a personal record! Take as many breaks as you like, take a 5 hour nap. This event is a chance to see how far you can go in 12 hours. Run, walk or crawl just keep moving forward!

Start and finish location for all categories: William McDonald Track

Start/finish times (subject to change):

  • 3 hour category – June 22 3pm Start / 6pm Finish
  • 6 hour category – June 22 – 12pm  Start/ 6pm Finish
  • 12 hour category – June 22- 6am Start/ 6pm Finish
  • *Team relay category 12 hour (*NEW – 4 hour individual segments) – June 22 – 6am Start/ 6pm Finish
  • Virtual – Send proof you completed your event to yk24hrultra@gmail.com  (a medal will be sent to the mailing address you register with)

**Approval of Race director required for anyone under 16 years of age for this event**

Team Relay segment times (1 person assigned per 4 hour time)

  1. Segment #1 – 6am – 10am
  2. Segment #2 – 10am – 2pm
  3. Segment #3 – 2pm – 6pm


**Sorry, Virtual Race can only be completed in Canada. Do not sign up if you are planning on doing it outside of Canada.**

Noon, Wednesday, June 19, 2024 is the Deadline to sign up or change race categories.

$65 Race Fee includes:

  • A well earned medal
  • Extra crew medals for any category are $10 each (please preorder)
  • William McDonald track rental
  • 2 wonderful Portapotties (at track)
  • Water/occasional treats (at track)
  • Music – Your team take turns with the speaker to provide you some personalized motivation
  • Prizes
    • for 3/6/12 categories – 1st and 2nd place trophies (furthest distance)
    • 1st place relay team medal that can be split into 4.
    • Medals for all participants
    • door prizes

1. Team relay category – MUST BE COMPLETED AT TRACK – choose 1 of 3 four hour segments (one person may do multiple segments, but each
segment is 4 hours for 1 registered person and only their distance counts) Total distance will be reported for each segment of the designated
participant and all segments added together for a total team distance. if someone can’t participate for a 4 hour segment one team mate can take
their place or the team claims no distance for the segment. 

2. All participants will track distances with a GPS device: 

○ Use Strava, Garmin, Roadid, etc.
○ Only 1st and 2nd place plus 50 States qualifiers need to show proof of results to claim their prize.

3. 75 people maximum on the track (pacers may not be permitted June 22 – 9am to 3pm depending on track congestion.)
○ If more than 75 people sign up for the track the 6hr event ‘may’ split 6 hour into 2 time periods.

4. No dogs on track running or walking with racers. Yes you may have a nice dog who wouldn’t hurt anyone, but this is not the place for your furry friend.
Dogs allowed at your shelter on a leash though.

5. Team, 12 track participants require an on-site support person the entire race. 1 support person can represent multiple racers.

6. Freebird participants will show the race director GPS data to support their results.

7. This event is self supported – meaning you provide your own food, we will provide water.

8. Track traffic rules will be in place with some lanes designated for running and others for walking.

9. Track direction will change every 3 hours (subject to change, but there will be change of directions)

10. Free bird participants will be permitted on the track and to use the site.

11. You can set up a tent at the William McDonald Track, but be respectful of the site and clean up after yourself and don’t damage the turf.

12. No fires allowed.

13. Event will take place rain or shine. 

14. Event will be paused in the event of thunder and lightning. Participants will have to leave the field when directed by the race director and can return
when the race director restarts event. Freebirds must practice self preservation and use common sense to stay out of lightening.

15. Don’t blame the DJ if you don’t like the tunes…

16. Sorry, strictly no refunds. (You can transfer your race fees to a different participant if you find one, but YKMC will not find alternate participants on
your behalf.)

This is about endurance, not speed. How long can you last?!?


Volunteers are needed for the event. If you are interested in any of the following positions please contact yk24hrultra@gmail.com.

Race Setup (2 Volunteers)

  • Volunteers on setup will meet at William McDonald between 7:00 am – 8:30 am June 22nd to setup the race stadium including placing pylons, tents, tables, flags, etc.

Race Check In (2 Volunteers)

  • Volunteers will be required from 7:20 am – 9:40 am June 22nd to check in participants and hand out the race packages.

Race Finishes/Tear down (4 Volunteers)

  • Tasks include handing out medals, announcing time remaining, rounding up participants post race, and collecting timing chips. Volunteers will be needed during the following times:
    • June 22nd – 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
    • June 22nd – 6:00 am to 8:00 pm (please stay to help with Race Tear Down)

Race Monitors (8 Volunteers)

  • Race Monitors will be needed throughout the day and night to cheer the runners, assist the race director and timing coordinators. Times will divided into 3 hour increments for the 12 hour period of the race.


NOON Wednesday – June 19, 2024 – Deadline for sign up or change categories for Ultra

June 22 – Race Day

All Team/6/12 Hour Racers

7:30am-7:45am – check-in with Race Director and receive race package

7:55 am – Announcements

8am – GO!!!

All 6 Hour Racers

8:30am-8:45am – check-in with Race Director and receive race package

8:55 am – Announcements

9am – GO!!!


1:45 pm – Leg 2 team participants sign in

1:58 pm – Warning at 2 minutes to end of race time for leg 1 team participants and start of leg 2 team participants in 2 minutes.


leg 1 team complete leg 2 begins

2:00 pm – Leg 1 Team Category ends and leg 2 starts Hour Racers stop tracking and exit the track where they are at and report distances to Race Director.

2:58 pm – Warning at 2 minutes to end of race time for 6 hour participants

6 Hour event complete

3:00 pm – 6 Hour Racers stop tracking and/or exit the track where they are at and report distances to Race Director.

3:35 pm – Medals and awards

7:45 pm – Leg 3 team participants sign in

7:58 pm – Warning at 2 minutes to end of race time for 12 hour Racers AND leg 2 team participants and start of leg 3 team participants in 2 minutes.

leg 2 team complete leg 3 begins

8:00 pm – Leg 2 Team Category ends and leg 3 starts Hour Racers stop tracking and exit the track where they are at and report distances to Race Director.

12 Hour event complete

8:00 pm – 12 Hour Racers stop tracking and/or exit the track where they are at.

8:35 pm – Medals, awards and clean up

2024 Official RULES

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PArtners and Sponsors

Thank you to Norland Insurance Agencies and Anytime Fitness for sponsoring this amazing event!